Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lin Chi Ling - Taiwanese model and actress

Lin Chi-ling is one of the most famous supermodel in Taiwan. She was born on November, 29 1974 in Taipei. Although she is primarily known as a model, she is starting to become an actress.

She is the famous model of Catwalk. She studied in the Bishop Strachan school in Canada when she was an senior high student. Also, she majored in Western Art History and Economics in Toronto University.

As one of the most prominent celebrities in Taiwan, Lin Chi-Ling has been named as Taiwan's most beautiful woman. She has been in numerous photo shoots and modeling jobs as a result of her fame in Taiwan. Although she started her career in 1999, it wasn't until recently that she became well-known in Asia.

She has been rumored to be the girlfriend of Jerry Yan, who works in the same talent agency. This rumor also brought her a lot of publicity. Still, nothing has been revealed about her connection with Jerry Yan.

In 2006, she begins filming her first movie, entitled "Red Cliff." The director will be.

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